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Cavity Prevention

Adventure Smiles specializes in cavity prevention in children.

Preventing cavities is one of the most important aspects of oral health, and even though they are baby teeth they can still get cavities. We provide you with the tools and education to prevent dental decay as much as possible.

Cavity prevention is one of the most important aspects of the relationship between yourself as a parent and your pediatric dentist. While many people might think that cavity prevention is entirely a result of effective brushing and flossing, the best method of preventing cavities also involves regular visits to the dentist. The pediatric dentist (kid’s dentist) is going to be able to provide a far deeper cleaning than you can do on your own with only brushing and flossing, which will give your child a fresh start at periodic intervals when plaque is building up. The further the buildup goes on, the more difficult it is to remove and the greater propensity it has for creating cavities and decay. Through routine visits to the dentist for cleanings, you will be able to prevent this buildup more effectively, thus making the routine brushing and flossing have a better effect. The dentist is also going to provide regular exams and xrays which can diagnose problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye. By catching decay and damage earlier in the process, the job of repair will be easier and less painful. It will also prevent more of the bacteria that builds up in the mouth and contributes to dental decay.
Cavity prevention in children is a combined effort on the part of the pediatric dentist and the parents. While good oral hygiene techniques and schedules can be illustrated by the dentist during the visits, it is up to the parents to make sure these practices are being followed at home. In the period before your child has the ability to brush his or her own teeth, your pediatric dentist will provide you will techniques and instruments that will enable you to more effectively clean your baby’s teeth, preventing the decay that routinely comes with drinking liquids that have sugar in them. Many parents are also unaware that babies will often fall asleep with milk or liquid in their mouth, allowing it to sit for periods of time in contact with their teeth. This hastens the process of plaque buildup and decay, and can cause painful cavities that must be repaired in order for your baby to be able to chew effectively in the future. These cavities will also sometimes cause pain that may be misinterpreted as teething pain. The prevention of cavities through routine cleanings at home is the most effective method to keep these kinds of issues at a minimum.

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When you visit our clinic, Dr. Richardson and his staff will not only perform cleanings and exams on your child to get their teeth into the best possible shape, but also will provide you with the education necessary to do your part to prevent cavities at home. Through this combined effort on your part as well as your dental staff, we can provide your child with the habits that will help them prevent cavities throughout their entire lifetime, not just when they are children.