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Kids Dental Education

Adventure Smiles specializes in the education of both children and adults on oral hygiene and health.

It is important for you to understand as much as your child does about the importance of oral health, as well as brushing and flossing. Adventure Smiles is your source for accurate information on the oral health of your child.


Kids dental education is a mystery to many parents, especially first-time parents. Because they are in an unfamiliar situation with little-to-no guidance as far as a million different situations that present themselves daily, parents find themselves overwhelmed and grasping at straws to find information about how to give the best care for their kids, while still giving them what they want. Children crave sugar and sweet foods and drinks, and toddlers desire to suck on their thumb and pacifiers in order to stay quiet. Many parents will give in to the cravings of their children in order to simply alleviate the stress of the child complaining or crying, potentially even relying on the advice of others who have no experience or training. This can all lead to bad results and ongoing problems that are unforeseen. This is why it is always better to seek the advice of trained professionals who can use science and years of experience to back up the advice that they give. This is where a trusted pediatric dentist is crucial.

Dental education goes far beyond simple brushing and flossing multiple times a day. There are many different elements to the techniques themselves, as well as many different scenarios where choices that are being made have an ongoing impact on the oral health of the child. The education that both parents and children receive at this critical stage of development can be the difference between strong and healthy adult teeth or habits that ultimately have a less favorable outcome later in life. Children will watch and imitate their parents, looking for the cues as far as how to lead their own lives. This is why the oral care of the parent and the examples that are provided are just as important as the actual lessons that are learned as far as how to brush and what to eat. Oral health is an ongoing process that involves good practices every day of your life, and your child’s life. By having the most accurate resources as far as the education in techniques, practices and habits you can improve the oral health of everyone in your family. This can avoid larger problems down the road which can be much bigger than simple cavities.


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When you visit the pediatric dentist, he is going to examine your child looking at the current situation as far as decay, but also looking for clues as far as problems that may be developing over time. He can intervene early in the process to make the corrections that can help your child have a better foundation as far as their secondary teeth, which can potentially avoid larger issues like teeth straightening or decay. By listening to the advice of your pediatric dentist, you can set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health in your child, which is what almost every parent is striving for. Avoiding cavities is the basic level of care, but developing the habits that stick with you for a lifetime is the real goal.