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Adventure Smiles specializes in general pediatric dentistry in Las Vegas, NV

Pediatric dentistry is a specialized version of general dental practice that also has additional training so as to provide for the special needs of children and adolescents. Pediatric dentists attend additional educational classes and residences in order to be certified to practice pediatric dental medicine.


Adventure Smiles is the trusted pediatric dentist office for hundreds of children in the Las Vegas area, ranging from toddlers to teen-agers. Pediatric dentistry is a specialization of general dentistry practices, requiring both additional education and residency. This specialization trains the “pediatric dentist” to work more effectively with the smaller tools designed for children’s mouths, as well as to deal with the unique circumstances that children face with regards to oral health. Pediatric dentists also receive child psychology training which assists them in not only reducing the fear that some children have of the dentist, but also helps them to effectively educate children and parents in the practices and techniques that will create better oral health. The pediatric dentist is many parent’s first line of defense when it comes to accurate knowledge of the special circumstances that are involved in children’s dental care, and will be their guide for setting in place the good habits that result in a lifetime of oral health. Just like good habits are gained as a result of education, bad habits are also gained as a result of incorrect information. If you personally do not practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing several times a day, your child will follow these same guidelines many times, leading to tooth decay and potentially even worse issues. For these reasons, pediatric dentists often find themselves educating parents as well as children.

Your child’s primary teeth are important for both nutrition and also to assist the secondary teeth to come in straight and strong. Many parents are unaware of the amount of care necessary to prevent decay and cavities in baby teeth, and ultimately do not provide the amount of care necessary. Combine a lack of appropriate cleaning with the sugary drinks and foods that children crave, and we end up with a recipe for decay that can cause both pain and more significant health issues. These necessary repairs must be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further damage as well as to avoid the potential issues with nutrition and developmental issues that can follow. Many times, speech and communication problems can come as a result of improper hygiene, creating developmental and self-esteem issues that follow the child into later life. These can be avoided through routine maintenance and brushing/flossing, as well as following the scheduled visits to your pediatric dentist to assure the progress is good. This will lay the foundation for the secondary teeth which ultimately replace the primary teeth when they fall out.


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Form a relationship with your pediatric dentist as soon as your baby is born, because the time will quickly approach when the first teeth begin to show. You owe it to your baby to provide them with the best care possible during these critical developmental times, and the groundwork that will assist the health of the child all the way into the future. Your pediatric dentist is more than just a dentist for kids, he is your friend.