What Parents Can Expect At Kid Friendly Dentistry In Las Vegas

What To Expect At Kid Friendly Dentistry In Las Vegas

July 27, 2022

At one point in life, we’ve all had the experience of our dental appointments parents may be wondering what to expect when they take their kids to see the pediatric dentist in Las Vegas. Parents usually ask questions about the types of procedures their children need and how they can best prepare them. To help you comprehend the process, we’re listing down the things you can expect at your child’s routine dental check-up.

You’ll Be Filling Out Paperwork

Once you get to your kid-friendly dentistry in Las Vegas, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork for your child. It will include medical and dental history and prior treatments. You also have to provide insurance details or other dental savings plan details for your kid. It’s a good idea to have these details with you to make the initial paperwork process uncomplicated.

X-Ray Imaging of Your Child’s Teeth & Jaw

After the paperwork is complete, the first step is to get x-rays of the teeth and jaw so the Vegas pediatric dentist can have a more detailed look at your child’s improvements. You can escort your child to the room where they will be sitting in the patient’s chair. It can often be the most difficult part of the appointment for kids, even more so than the procedure, so it’s crucial to be calm and encouraging! Let your kid know the x-ray process won’t hurt them at all, and it will be over soon.

Initial Exam by the Pediatric Dentist

After a short time, the x-ray pictures are ready for the dentist to review. The pediatric dentist will then have a look at your child’s teeth. This part is to examine the teeth and gums for any visible cavities, irregularities, or other problems. They will use unique tools, like a dental mirror, or scaler, to closely examine the teeth. Relying on what they see in the x-ray results and the exam, your dentist can diagnose tooth decay or cavities and recommend proper treatment.

Share Your Concerns With the Dentist

We also urge parents to write down any queries or concerns they have before arriving at the dentist’s office in Las Vegas. Some common concerns can be:

  • Toothache
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Pacifier habits
  • Plaque formation
  • Struggling with brushing surface
  • Gum and teeth sensitivity
  • Overall oral hygiene habits
  • Braces for crooked teeth

All too often, parents will get preoccupied, especially when they have more than one child with them at the appointment. Writing your queries down will help to ensure you get answers to all your concerns from your pediatric dentist during the exam.

Routine Dental Cleaning

Some pediatric dentists choose to do teeth cleaning first, but some dentists will conduct the initial exam and x-rays first. In any case, dental cleanings should be done every six months to remove plaque and tartar from your kid’s teeth or it may lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Kid-Friendly Pediatric Dentistry In Las Vegas

If you are also willing to take your child to a pediatric dentist in Las Vegas to ensure your kid has a healthy mouth, contact us today. We have the best pediatric dentist in Las Vegas to help your child get cavity-free teeth & gums.