How to Support Healthy Teeth For Kids

September 1, 2020

Naturally you want to help your kids learn healthy habits in caring for their smile. So how can you encourage dental hygiene for kids? Here are 5 ways to encourage healthy teeth for kids.

1. Support Healthy Teeth with Healthy Hygiene

Taking time to brush and floss properly daily is an important part of healthy hygiene. Oral hygiene is the basis for any healthy teeth, and neglecting it can lead to gum disease and cavities. To support healthy teeth, brush and floss twice daily with your favorite little people to inhibit plaque build up, and be a good example of dental hygiene for kids.

2. Support Healthy Teeth with Healthy Diet

Eating healthy foods is important not just in fortifying your teeth with the vitamins and minerals needed to stay strong and healthy, but also in preventing plaque build up as well. It can be hard to encourage a healthy diet for kids on a good day, but finding fun ways to eat nutritious food can go a long way.

Focus on foods like: dairy such as yogurt, cheese, or milk, which is full of minerals that help teeth grow strong and healthy, but it is also full of fats and proteins that can inhibit plaque sticking to teeth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables can act as a plaque inhibitor as well, scrubbing bits of plaque off of teeth naturally. Making cute snack plates, and being an example of good diet habits are just some ways you can help your kids invest in their dental health.

3. Support Healthy Teeth with Healthy Drinks

Drinking sports drinks, soft drinks, or sugary caffeinated drinks can all do a number on your mouth. Each contains just the right combination of ingredients to harm your teeth.

Milk can be a healthy and good choice for dental health. But the best choice of all is cold clear water. It can wash away food debris and acids that can contribute to tooth decay. Drinking water often is a healthy way to support healthy teeth. This may be a hard sell for kids, but its an important part of dental hygiene for kids, as it minimizes their chances for cavities. Cute water bottles, and good parental examples can help your kids join in protecting their teeth from cavities.

4. Support Healthy Teeth with Healthy Choices

Healthy teeth make for a healthy smile. Making good choices for your teeth isn’t always easy. Helping your kids make good choices for their teeth can be a challenge too. If they really want something sticky and sugary, a rare indulgence is okay. Chasing it with water, and brushing teeth an hour later can be helpful in promoting good dental hygiene. You can still enjoy the things you love, but you can also teach them to choose to be kind to their bodies, and enjoy the occasional treat, while teaching your child to choose healthier options in their daily life.

5. Support Healthy Teeth with Healthy Self Care

Teaching your kids that caring for your smile is caring for themselves can go a long way to fostering good self esteem and good dental hygiene for kids. Be an example of self care, and encourage them to love themselves and their bodies every way they can.

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