Maintain Your Dental Fillings With Expert Advice

Expert Advice on Maintaining Your Dental Fillings

November 1, 2022

Also known as dental restoration, a dental filling is your most suitable alternative if you have lost a tooth because of tooth decay. The filing is used for treating a small cavity or sometimes a tooth. Your dentist will mostly administer dental filling once your tooth has been removed because of the cavity. Look at what experts have to say about maintaining your dental fillings now. 

What is a dental filling and how can you tell if you require one?

To be precise, dental fillings are responsible for stopping tooth decay. It helps in improving the structural integrity of your teeth, which helps you restore your biting functions largely. When implemented, dental filling prevents your teeth from falling out. Overall, the prevention of cavities is considered to be one of the major functions of dental fillings, thereby improving your oral health. There are certain common signs, which help you understand that you need dental filling:

  • A toothache is by far the most common sign, which shows that you might need a tooth filling. 
  • Experiencing sudden pain while chewing food denotes that you are having cavities inside the mouth. One more reason behind this might be the presence of plaque accumulation in your teeth. Thus, with the help of dental filling, you can prevent these situations. 

How soon after having a filling may you eat or drink?

Most of the time, you might hear people telling you that you need to wait over 24 hours for the dental filling to set. This is not true. Some of the dentists in Flamingo, Las Vegas have said that some specific instructions need to be followed regarding your food consumption. For instance, if you had amalgam filling, it takes 24 hours to harden completely to reach its maximum strength. However, if you have done composite filling, then you can eat it as soon as you leave the dental office. Your dentist will ask you to have food 2 hours after the filling is done. 

What should one do if following treatment their teeth become sensitive?

Once you are done with the dental filling procedure, it is very normal for you to feel sensitivity in the beginning. However, if such a situation arises, you need to avoid hot or cold foods at least in the first few hours after the procedure is done. It takes a week or so for the pain to subdue. You can try the following remedies to reduce levels of sensitivity:

  • Gentle brushing and flossing
  • Avoid having acidic food items like yogurt, wine, or any sort of citrus food. 
  • You can use desensitizing toothpaste to reduce the pain you experience. 

 How to care for your tooth filling?

You use dental fillings to get rid of cavities, which is a major aspect of dental restoration. This helps you to prevent further decay and damage largely. You can take care of your dental filling by following these aftercare tips:

  • Use fluoride toothpaste for brushing your teeth twice a day. You need to floss at least once a day to keep your fillings healthy. 
  • Having proper good is so important after getting the dental implants done. This requires the maintenance of a well-balanced diet. 
  • Limit yourself from having sugary foods after getting the dental filling done. After all, you don’t want to repeat the same mistake that led you to tooth decay, do you!
  • You also need to avoid hot food. Yes, you heard that correctly. Having extremely hot food might affect our dental fillings largely. 

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