Top Benefits Of Having Dental Sealants

Benefits Of Dental Sealants

October 27, 2022

What if you ignored the fact that you had cavities, which led to tooth decay? Don’t you believe it’s important to take care of your teeth? For this,  you must have a dental sealant applied. They assist you in guarding against cavities on your chewing surfaces. By doing this, it provides them with a layer of protection that serves as a barrier against food and germs. Discover the main advantages of dental sealants, which we bet you were unaware of.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are your best solution for optimizing your dental health. It is a thin, plastic coating, which is painted on the chewing surface of your teeth. Dental sealants are generally implanted on the back teeth, namely your molars and premolars. Once implemented it rapidly bonds into the grooves and depression of the teeth, thereby creating a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth. If you think you might have developed tooth decay or depression in your teeth, then look nowhere- get dental sealants as soon as possible. 

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

Dental sealants help you to protect chewing surfaces from cavities. It does so by enabling a protective shield that blocks germs from affecting your teeth. Applying dental sealants is painless and fast. Your dentist takes a few minutes to apply sealant on each tooth. The following are the major steps followed for applying dental sealants:

  • First, your orthodontist cleans the teeth that need to be sealed. 
  • After this, each tooth is to be dyed with cotton to keep it dry.
  • An acid solution is put on the chewing surface, making it rough. 
  • After rinsing and drying the tooth, the sealant is applied to the tooth enamel, which tends to be direct to the tooth and eventually hardens. 

Benefits Of Dental Sealants?

When you eat, your back teeth are highly prone to decay, from which cavities are developed. It results in the development of deep grooves and depressions. This is why dentists and orthodontists tend to recommend the use of dental sealants, which are suitable for you. Also, if you have issues related to your molars, then dental sealants are the major solution for you. It tends to provide the following benefits and are as follows:

Protects From Cavities

Age is not a factor in getting cavities, anyone can experience them. Dental sealants are thought to be a good substitute in these situations. The deep grooves that have formed cannot develop cavities thanks to the tooth-colored coating that is applied. The coating’s layers restrict the growth of bacteria and plaque. 

Process Is Quick And Painless

The best part about dental sealants is that they are quick and painless. Your dentist will clean your teeth and then prepare for the sealant material to be applied. Using a mild solution, your teeth will be further cleaned and prepared for the sealant to be applied. The acrylic based-sealant is applied on the surface of each affected tooth. The whole process does not involve any pain and is a rapid process. 

Improves Oral Health 

You get cavities mostly on your chewing surfaces, which involve the back teeth. Dental sealants act as a protective shield that helps you prevent cavities from germs and food. Most dentists have stated that once applied, dental sealants are responsible for protecting against 80% of cavities for over 2 years. 

Long-Lasting And Durable 

If you consider the durability of dental sealants, you got it right. Just like braces and dental implants, dental sealants are also considered very durable. However, you need to carry out our frequent dental checkups to ensure that the dental sealants applied are not affected in any way whatsoever. 

Dental Sealants In Flamingo, Las Vegas 

Want to look after your oral health and want to get rid of cavities and tooth decay? You are in urgent need of dental sealants. To know more about dental sealants, consult with our dentists in Falamingo, Las Vegas today. Our team of experienced dentists is here to help you out with your oral health concerns. Schedule an appointment today!