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Las Vegas pediatric dentistWhat Is A Las Vegas Pediatric Dentist?

A “Las Vegas Pediatric Dentist” is a practitioner of dentistry who is located in the city of Las Vegas and who has been specifically trained to deal with dental issues in children ranging from infants to adolescents.  This age range will span the years of less than one year all the way to approximately twelve or thirteen years. The major focus of the pediatric dentist is the care and maintenance of the “primary teeth” which are sometimes referred to as “baby teeth,” through the point in the child’s life when they fall out and are replaced by a full set of “secondary teeth.” The care of the primary teeth is critically important to the ongoing development of the child, as these teeth will not only provide the ability to effectively chew and digest solid food, but will also provide the pathway for the secondary teeth to come in straight and strong. Early dental issues that impact the primary teeth can have a lifelong effect on the secondary teeth, as well as causing issues during this developmental stage in your child’s life. The teeth can potentially cause speech issues as well as nutritional deficiencies, which can negatively impact the child’s physical and emotional development.  Bacteria and decay in the mouth during these stages of life can also create significant health issues that can plague your child well into adulthood. Just because the primary teeth are going to eventually fall out and be replaced is no reason to take their care lightly. Your pediatric dentist will be your guide through this journey, which can be confusing and scary without the adequate information.

Choosing the best Las Vegas pediatric dentist you can find is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child. Upon your child’s birth, you should already have a relationship with the pediatric dentist you have chosen to provide care. This is because your child should have their first dental appointment at the very first sign of teeth coming in, which can occur anywhere between the time of birth and the first year. At this point, the pediatric dentist will want to examine your child’s teeth and soft tissues of the mouth to be sure that the baby teeth are progressing correctly. This will set the foundation for the remainder of the primary teeth, and also the secondary teeth to follow. The pediatric dentist will also provide a significant amount of guidance with regards to the ongoing care of your child’s teeth that will happen at home. Proper brushing and flossing techniques will be demonstrated, and dental educational tips will be provided so as to help your child not only to understand the importance of oral hygiene, but also to help them enjoy the process. The pediatric dentist has specialized training in both the practice of dentistry on the smaller mouths of children, but also in the psychological aspects of dental fear and uncertainty. Your pediatric dentist will help your child to fear the visits to the dentist less, and ultimately be your guide on the journey to better oral health.

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